Some games are fun because they are fun games. But most games are only fun if the people playing them are fun.

Take for example the game Apples to Apples. If you play with people who are not fun, and do not put effort into making it fun, it’s not a fun game.

Life is like that.

Life is fun if you make it fun. If you don’t make it fun, life is not that fun.

My father is 88 years old. He does not feel he has much to live for.  He doesn’t have to work to support a family like he used to. He doesn’t have to cook and keep the house clean like he used to. No one is dependent on him for anything. It’s depressing to think that you have no purpose, therefore no motivation to live.

When or if I get to his age and his stage of life, I hope that I can make life interesting and make it purposeful. I would want to be a blessing to others by finding ways to share God’s love with people around me. I would also want to continue with Bible study because I believe that learning about God is a life-long pursuit. In fact, as I get older, it is more urgent to get to know God more. If I expect to go to heaven, I would certainly want to know more about the God that I will soon meet face-to-face.

Life is fun and meaningful only when we live it purposefully.

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