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Several years ago, we remodeled our kitchen. Our house was built in the 70′s and the kitchen was the original cabinets and tile counters. The style at the time of my remodel was light cabinets and granite counter tops. A stainless steel kitchen sink was a must. I wanted a butcher block countertop table in the middle of the kitchen as an island, but there was not enough room for one.

Next I wanted to get new patio furniture around our pool. Adirondack chairs would be a nice look, but I didn’t want to spend the money. We opted for cheap plastic chairs and a decent glass table.

Now I am hoping to remodel our family room now that the leak in the chimney has been fixed. This room really needs help! Now that the prices are more affordable, a flat screen TV is part of the plan.

After that I want to re-do the front landscape…and on it goes.

I may just move instead.

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