On Family Life, Dennis Rainey gave a simple way to find a spouse: Focus on running towards Jesus, and along the way, look to the side to see who is there. That’s how I found my husband 🙂

Some games are fun because they are fun games. But most games are only fun if the people playing them are fun. Take for example the game Apples to Apples. If you play with people who are not fun, and do not put effort into making it fun, it’s not a fun game. Life is […]


We went to see the taping of Skating with the Stars at the CBS studios yesterday. First of all, I’ve never seen the show before. I’ve never seen Dancing with the Stars. I don’t watch TV. Second, I don’t know any “celebrities”, and I didn’t recognize anyone at the taping. We went because it sounded […]

This daily devotional book by Charles Stanley should be kept next to your Bible. In fact, it’s a sturdy hardback probably about the same size as my Bible. Each day’s devotion begins with a short passage to read from the Bible. A key verse follows that highlights the main idea for the day. Then comes […]

In the early 80’s when I was in seminary, I was looking for an internship with a church. At the time, the concept of ABC (American Born Chinese) ministry was just beginning to emerge.  English-speaking-only Chinese churches without a Chinese congregation were starting to be planted in Southern Cal. (Multi-cultural Asian American churches has not […]

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Several years ago, we remodeled our kitchen. Our house was built in the 70’s and the kitchen was the original cabinets and tile counters. The style at the time of my remodel was light cabinets and granite counter tops. A stainless steel kitchen sink was a must. I wanted a butcher block countertop table in […]