We were cleaning out our cabinet of of DVDs and VHS tapes. It’s amazing how the industry has changed.

I remember my daughter had a friend in second grade whose parents owned a video rental store. They would bring in a popular children’s movie for the class to watch during party days. My daughter is now in 10th grade and that store, needless to say, no longer exist. (I hope the nice family found another source of income.) The Blockbuster store down the street from us sits vacant for the last few years.

From the days of video tape rental stores on every corner, to mailing Netflix DVDs, to now just click and play Netflix TV shows and movies using our Wii – it’s only been a period of probably less than 10 years.

I suppose for people who want more options, there’s direct tv and with many directv packages. We looked into directtv and we used to subscribe to cable TV, but Netflix works much better for us now.

What has not changed is sitting and watching a screen.

I am sure that one day, that will change too.

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