It’s suppose to be a virtue to embrace multiculturalism – to celebrate and appreciate the uniqueness of different cultures. People often seek cross-cultural experiences by going to other countries, or going across town. Exposure to diversity enriches our own lives. But it seems to me most people just want to have an occasional multicultural experience […]


It’s a good thing I am somewhat impulsive. I sometimes impulsively offer to give people things, or to help someone. Then later on, I would think twice about my offer. My selfish human nature thinks too much of the cost, and I begin to regret my offer of generosity. But since it would be too […]

I was telling my kids that I felt sorry for Tiger Woods. He will never know if someone loves him for himself, or for his fame and fortune. Even if a girl had good intentions, she can’t help having her feelings for him be influenced by his money. The same is true for beautiful models. […]

In 1990, our family moved to Walnut from Pasadena to open a real estate office. (We closed that office a year ago due to the downturn, but that’s another story.) We started attending a small church that met at an elementary school, because we knew a few people there and because the pastor was our […]

I just got this insight (and another chapter for my book). I realize that as a parent, I have such a close bond of identification with my children that whatever happens to them it’s like it was happening to me. Recently when my daughter received a nice gift, I felt it was as if the […]

On Sunday, I taught the concept of Lent to the children. Lent is generally practiced among Catholics, but it doesn’t hurt if we Protestants practice some kind of giving up of something in preparation for Easter. I explained to the children that whatever we sacrifice, it’s nothing compared to what Jesus did for us when […]

Thank you for the surprise gift at the front gate! When I first saw it, I thought it was some kind of advertisement, the kind where if you want to buy it, you pay for it. If you don’t want it, the promoters will come by and take it back. I looked around the neighborhood […]