Randy Pausch died yesterday.

In his famous last lecture, he said he had two childhood dreams.

I remarked to my son that I couldn’t think of what my childhood dreams were. Maybe I didn’t any dreams that I passionately pursued.

My son said, “Maybe that’s why you haven’t accomplished anything.”

He didn’t mean it as an insult, and I didn’t take it as such. I agree with him that I have not accomplished anything particularly noteworthy. As I live my “midlife” years, I do look back and wish I was more ambitious.

I grew up with the idea of getting good grades and getting a good job. I was never challenged to accomplish something great, to do something spectacular; I never thought I could change the world.

What did I want to be I grow up? I wanted to be mother and raise good kids.

Perhaps like Randy Pausch, I did accomplish my childhood dreams.

And perhaps I did change the world a little bit.

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