Steven Curtis Chapman’s 5-year old daughter was hit by a car and killed on their driveway.

That’s sad.

But what is sadder is the car that hit her was driven by her teenage brother.

How can the brother deal with his guilt even though it was probably not his fault?

How can he look at his family again even though they probably don’t blame him?

When my 2 older children started driving, I told them the reason to drive safely is not for their own sake. If you want to risk your own life by crazy driving, that’s up to you. But if you endanger other people, and you injure or even kill someone, you better hope you die in the accident too. It would be extremely hard for you to live with yourself.

Pray for this young man that God will use this incident to produce great things in his life. But for now, I hope the anguish does not overwhelm him.

3 Responses to “Tragedy on top of tragedy”

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  2. audlee Says:

    So true! I was just thinking about that the other day. I was driving two of my friends. One commented on how I was driving at 65 on the freeway and the other commented that they weren’t afraid to drive 80 or more and next time we should ride with them! I’m thinking, I’m not afraid for myself, but if by some accident, something happens to them and I live, I’d never forgive myself.

  3. Joyful Says:

    Glad you have some sense, Audlee!

    And please don’t ride in the car with that person who drives over 80!