It’s not easy to buy a house.

It has never been easy, but the over reaction to the subprime fall out has made it especially hard.

But all it takes are 2 steps to begin: Save money for a down payment, and work on having good credit.

I did say it’s not easy.

Lenders are looking for near perfect credit nowadays. If you do not know what your credit looks like, pull up a credit report online that includes your FICO scores from all 3 credit bureaus.

Credit repair has become necessary for people who has not kept up with timely payments of their obligations. There are many good credit repair services out there that can help. It takes some time to repair your credit, so if you want to buy a house, take care of your credit right away.

Saving for a down payment also takes time. Start that right away too. Work out a budget and cut back where you can. If you can save a couple hundred dollars a month, that’s a good start.

Don’t depend on the lottery.

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