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I don’t get out much, but this weekend, my hubby and I actually got to see a first run movie, before it came on TV. 🙂

Iron Man was entertaining and generally on my approve list. Considering movies like Mary Poppins is my usual preferred genre, Iron Man is pretty exciting for me. I would’ve liked to see Iron Man do more cool stuff though.

The movie made me think about the type of hero we tend to like: The rugged individualist, defies the establishment, able to get out of tight situations by being quick on his feet, strong and tough yet has a soft spot. It matters not that he lives an immoral lifestyle. He can be a heavy drinker, a womanizer, practices promiscuous sex, and a liar. We overlook all that because he’s just so cool.

That’s the kind of role model we set up for our kids.

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