When we had the daily newspaper delivered, they stack up in the corner unopened (except for the comics) until Friday when we had time to read them.

We cut down to the Sunday paper only and read that for a week (except for the comics and the Fry’s ad we read on that Sunday).

Now we canceled the newspaper altogether and don’t miss it. Everything we want to know we get on the internet. I use my Google Reader to read my favorite sites and blogs.

We are also saving $65 a year, cut our support of the liberal media, save myself the aggravation of complaining about nonsense news they print in the paper, and maybe even saved a couple of trees along the way.

The only thing we miss about the paper is not having any to line our bunny’s cage. But I can get some from my neighbor.

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  1. Raj Says:

    Newspaper is a regular published print product containing information, news and advertising. Newspapers are living textbooks and they are source of information and learning. It’s a source to find out whats happening in movies, books, concerts, games, jobs and events. Major advantage left to newsprint is that reading it does not require any sophisticated, cumbersome technical equipment. This offers the reader a high level of flexibility: newsprint can basically be read in any place at any time. The reader can absorb the information offered at his own pace. Even the fact that the reader can touch and feel the printed paper while turning the pages may be of some importance.

    Disadvantage of Printed edition of newspaper –
    Circulation of the newspaper is one of the principal factors, circulation is not the same as copies sold because many copies are read by more than one person this is a major offset as the number of copies distributed are not read.

    People away from their home place would always love to read their regional paper wherever they are in any part of the world. Take my case; I have been hunting for my favorite newspaper Times of India in the heart of New York City but in vain and the only solution I found at this time is e-paper.

    E-paper and its advantage –
    Will e-paper is going to replace the printed edition in future is the question to be asked? ePaper is the replication of newspaper pages which allows one to get the same experience as reading the hard-copy edition and e-paper has the advantages of being interactive, multimedia, of providing internal and external networks and offering selection functions, the possibility of regular updates, access to archives, rapid access to a large number of newspapers, and being paperless, thus creating no problems of waste disposal.
    Not even that it’s more convenient from the customer’s point of view while reading the e-paper, I came across Nokia new model cell phone, and by clicking on it; I was taken directly to the website, where I could compare the prices.

    So this has led to some predictions that is newspapers will shrink or even disappear?
    All the recent surveys both in USA and abroad indicate that print newspaper readership is going down; there has been a dramatic drop in the circulation of papers.
    Full time professional employment at daily newspapers is falling. In a desperate attempt to offset the falling revenues, more newspaper groups are setting them up online.
    All of the major news publishers have adopted e-paper technology in order to increase their readers and revenue.

    Looking at the enormous growth in the Digital News Publishing Industry, many new media companies are offering ePapers and eMagazines at affordable costing with low or no upfront investment. Pressmart Media Limited, a leading new media services company based out of India and USA provides an excellent Multi channel distribution on Web, Mobile, Podcast, Search Engines, Social Networks, Web2.0 sites and RSS.

    I hope you do agree that digital versions of news publications will be an added advantage for publishers in increasing their brand value, customer reach and revenues.

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