Our pastor told a great story today.

A little girl was saddened by the death of her cat. Her mother tried to comfort her and told her, “Don’t worry dear. Your cat is in heaven with God.”

The little girl looked at her mother and said, “What does God want with a dead cat!”  🙂

In his sermon our pastor mentioned my blog post about pets going to heaven. In case you are wondering, I wrote that in my parenting blog.  

3 Responses to “Dead cat in heaven”

  1. The Quick Pet Stop » Dead cat in heaven Says:

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  2. Tony Feng Says:

    I was wondering. When he mentioned it this morning, I didn’t recall reading it on this blog. But now, I have read it.

    Btw, baptism pictures are up.

  3. Joyful Says:

    I thought you might be wondering, Tony.