I don’t like the dark. It depresses me.

I like to have all the lights on in the house. When I walk into a room, I like it to be bright. I hate walking into a dark room and have to grope for the light switch. A bright environment makes me happy.

My husband hates having the lights on in a room with no one in it. He goes around turning off lights in the house where I left them on. There’s no one in there who needs to see, he says. I would argue with him that I might be in there…soon. Come on, how much money do you save by turning off the lights, maybe a buck a day? I’d rather be happy than save $1 a day.

But I’ve reformed my ways. A dollar a day is $365 a year. That makes me happier than a brightly lit house.

Turn off the lights, I say. Do your homework by candlelight.

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