What do you read after you’ve read all the tales of Sherlock Holmes by Conan Doyle?

You can read Sherlock Holmes written by other authors.

Unlike the Mary Russell series, the adventures of Holmes and Watson in Murder, My Dear Watson contains a series of short stories that stay true to the original character of Sherlock Holmes. Some of the authors even mimic the writing style of Dr. Watson. This book was good reading.

Here is something in the Foreward I didn’t know. William Gillette the playwright had Conan Doyle’s permission to turn Holmes stories into Broadway plays. Gillette asked Doyle, “May I marry Holmes?” Doyle’s answer gave license to uncounted liberties taken with Sherlock Holmes ever since. “You may marry him, murder him, or do what you want with him.”

2 Responses to “Murder, My Dear Watson”

  1. Pete Aldin Says:

    Excellent recommendation! The best Holmes book ever written was not written by Doyle but by Robert Lee Hall. It’s called Exit Sherlock Holmes and is in my Top Ten Thrillers list.

    Closely followed by Nicholas Meyer’s The Seven Percent Solution.

  2. Joyful Says:

    I haven’t read those, Pete. I am going to request them from my public library right now! Thanks.