Within an approximately 2-mile stretch of La Puente Road in Walnut, there are 4 Protestant churches. At least 2 of those churches share their facilities with another church. So that’s 6 churches within walking distance of one another.

Some people look at this and see it as Christians being divided. Why can’t all these churches all get together?

I see multiple churches as a positive sign.

Does a church advocate drugs and crime? Does a church teach promiscuous behavior? Does a church promote gang violence?

No matter what denomination of church you are talking about, the answer to all the questions above is obviously “No”!

That’s why I like having churches in a city. The more the better.

If one church doesn’t suit the needs of some families, the next one will. Each church has a different personality, just like people. Having more churches gives a greater chance for attracting more people with various preferences.

The environment of the city can only benefit from the influence of the churches. Even if you do not share in the Christian faith, you can see from the “No” answer to the above questions that churches teach values that promotes good citizenship.

“But,” you say, “The city loses property tax revenue.”

The lost of a few dollars is more than made up by less crime and more responsible citizens in the City.

Besides, what tax producing business can you put on La Puente Road? Residential homes are directly behind La Puente Road, and the residents will not approve of any business that causes more traffic so close to homes. La Puente Road is best suited for churches, and I am glad there are 6 of them here.

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