For many of us the great danger is not that we will renounce our faith. It is that we will become so distracted and rushed and preoccupied that we will settle for a mediocre version of it. We will just skim our lives instead of actually living them.

Sickness is a bad thing.

But as I laid in bed not feeling well, I was not distracted, or rushed, or preoccupied. Illnesses lead us back to what matters most in life, doesn’t it?

We are led back to God, family, and friends.

Sickness is not always a bad thing.

John Ortberg in his book The Life You’ve Always Wanted describes several spiritual disciplines. One is the practice of an unhurried life. He makes a good case for why too many activities is harmful for your spiritual life, because they cause us to lose track of the important things of life.

Love and hurry, he says, are fundamentally incompatible. We get tired, irritated, and impatient with people because we are rushing here and there. That is a good point. It is true for me that when I am not pushed for time, I am more willing to take the time and opportunity to listen and care.

I am only a third of the way through Ortberg’s book. I borrowed it from a friend. It is well-worth the price, even if the rest of the book is lousy.

You can read an excerpt from this link:

5 Responses to “The Life You’ve Always Wanted”

  1. Nat Says:

    His book “If You Want to Walk on Water, You’ve Got to Get Out of the Boat” is also quite good.

  2. Joyful Says:

    I’ll read that next.

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