Picnics seem to be a great venue to draw people together.

A picnic is open enough so you can talk to whoever you want. You can walk around and easily talk to whoever you see. A private conversation can be had by simply walking a few feet away.

Yet, a picnic is open enough to avoid whoever you want as well. There is always some distraction at a picnic so you can conveniently dismiss yourself from a conversation if you want.

A picnic gets you out in the sun and away from the computer screen. You can choose your own activity level – sit and play cards, take a leisurely walk, or get more active with simply a frisbee or football.

Yesterday was the best weather for a picnic. Some of our dedicated church members got up early and staked out a nice spot for our annual church picnic.

This is how a picnic always ends: a crowd of people is gathered under a tree, all looking up into the tree, at a frisbee or ball or kite that got caught in the branches. Everyone has an opinion on how to get the object down. Everyone continues looking up at the tree and analyzing the situation, as if that will get it off. Then everyone wants to have a turn at throwing random stuff in the tree in an attempt to knock down the object. Everyone hopes his throw will be the one with the perfect aim and he will be the hero. Inevitably, the thing being thrown gets stuck in the tree as well, and there is big laughter.

After more attempts, people get tired of the game, gives up the frisbee or ball or kite as lost forever, and everyone goes home.

This happens every year! Such great times! 🙂

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