Some tips on teaching children, not necessarily your own. Just some thoughts and practical help based on my experiences and training.

Dealing with trouble makers –
First, you need to adjust your attitude. This little monster today may become a great world leader tomorrow. Would you look back with pride that you had a positive influence on this child, or with regret that you marginalized him? Each child that crosses our paths has great potential. Look beyond his aggravating antics today. He merely hasn’t reached his potential. So treat him with patience and kindness.

The troublemaker is usually looking for attention. When she misbehaves in the class, dish out the appropriate punishment. Afterwards, give her a lot of positive attention. Children, as with adults too, like to be made special. Give her attention outside of the classroom. Ask her to come to class early to help you set up the class. Call her at home and praise her for something good that she did that day. Give her a hug when she leaves for the day. Write her a note and tell her you love having her in your class.

Remember, behavior do not change in a day. But consistent love and kindness will be felt by even the most difficult child. He may not become the perfect child in your class, but you can be confident that love never fails. Your positive influence will have a place in his future.

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