“You are a good mom. I want to be a mother like you one day.”

Someone said that to me yesterday, and it is to me the best compliment I could ever receive.

There is not a single thing I have invested my life in more than what I have put into my children. Seeing my efforts pay off is most gratifying.

What in this world would you put 20+ years of your life into? What is worth putting in all your most valuable resources – time, emotions, money, effort?

Children are our future. They determine our future. Therefore, not only do our own children deserve our effort, but all children is worth our investment. While we cannot have the same degree of influence on other children as we do on our own, but imagine if you can spend time with a few children for an hour once a week for a year. Do you think you can have some effect on their lives? You bet you can.

That’s why I think everyone should help out in some way in the children’s program at his/her church.

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