The test:

I put on half of my husband’s face the Jafra toner, elasticity recovery, and moisturizer. On the other half of his face he used Oil of Olay.

“Amy, which side of daddy’s face looks smoother and less wrinkles?”

Ok, she picked the Oil of Olay side…

The next day, we repeated the experiment.

This time, I asked Audrey. After looking at daddy’s face from various angles, she picked the Jafra side.

Another case study:

I talked to my niece who tried Jafra’s mask for oily skin.

“Auntie Katy, my face cleared up! I am a believer! I really like the stuff!”

The case of my other niece:

“Auntie Katy, I want to buy the Jafra mascara. My lashes look much longer than the Estee Lauder mascara I was using.” Jafra is much cheaper than Estee Lauder, I might add. I was also wondering how my 16-year-old niece can afford to use Estee Lauder…

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