“How could they let their hamster have more babies? They should be more responsible pet owners!”
I know many of you are thinking that since you read my last post.

Let me explain and vindicate myself.

Did you know that hamsters go into heat within 24 hours after giving birth? I know, it’s…just not right…but that’s God’s design for those little critters.

After our hamster Marshmallow gave birth to her first litter, I told my children to immediately put Creme in another cage. But they were thinking in “human” terms: it would be cruel to take the daddy away from his babies; Marshmallow needs his help to take care of them; he’s helping to keep the babies warm. All those reasons would make perfect sense, if Marshmallow and Creme were human.

So to be “compassionate”, we left Creme in the cage for 2 days – only 2 days – and hoped they exercise some self-control.

Well, they didn’t.

Marshmallow and Creme has been living in separate cages for the last 3 weeks, so it came as a huge surprise when we discover a new litter of babies.

Dr. James Dobson, one of my favorite authors, has a book titled “When God Doesn’t Make Sense.” The book deals with the dilemma of trying to understand situations that makes no sense to us, particularly when bad things happen to good people.

The title suddenly struck me as odd.

God – all knowing, all powerful, all loving – can he possibly do anything that doesn’t make sense? Does he act in randomness?

Hamsters mating habits doesn’t make sense to us. We treat them according to our human understanding, and it makes even less sense.

“But Katy, of course you can’t explain the ways of a hamster like a human.”

So it is with life: “But Katy, of course you can’t explain the ways of God like a human.”

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