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Today we gave away three of our baby hamsters to a loving home.

Here is the story:

Amy and I were at Petsmart buying our pet supplies. As usual, we browse through all the tanks of fish, cages of birds, and enclosures of small animals. While we were looking at the hamsters, an employee took out the dwarf hamster cage to pick one out for a customer. Behind them was a family of two moms and two little girls, waiting for their turn to pick a hamster.

“Are you going to buy one?” I asked one of the moms. “Would you like a free one from us instead?” (The hamsters were $12.99 each!)

After I gave them our address, Amy and I hurried home to prepare the hamsters for adoption day.

Out of the six babies, we picked out three, put them in a box, and waited for the family to come choose the one they want.

I got a taste of what a child in an orphanage must feel like. We waited and waited for the family to come. What’s taking them so long? Did they change their minds? They looked like they would really love the babies. Are they here yet? Was that their car that passed by?

An hour passed. I finally see a car drive up to the curb in front of our house.

“Amy, they’re here!” I called out. “Hhurry! Bring the babies!” I felt like I should’ve brushed their fur or dressed them in cute outfits to impress the potential parents.

My worries melted when the two girls were so excited to see the hamsters. Ours are so much cuter and smaller than the ones at Petsmart. In fact, the younger girl told her mom she wanted one too. “But we just bought you one last week,” her mom said. “I want one of these!” she insisted.

They decided to take all three hamsters, and return the one they bought (returnable within 14 days).

Ahhh! What a nice feeling to find good homes for the babies. And the nice family was able to save a bunch of money.

We kept three of the six babies because two are spoken for by friends, and we decided to keep one.

Lo and behold, when we looked in the cage tonight…there were a huddle of brand new little pink babies!!


2 Responses to “3 down”

  1. Nat Says:

    Maybe you should work out a deal with PetSmart… First, make them feel like the business of their rodent department is threatened by your overabundance of cuter hamsters. Then tell them you’ll sell them these very hamsters in bulk. You’ll profit AND it’ll take the hamsters off your hands. Haha.

  2. Joyful Says:

    Nat: I am hiring you as my marketing manager!