My friend Barbara: My workout instructor asked if anyone wanted a baby bunny.

Me: I want one! I want one!

For the past month, we’ve been doing research on bunnies, went to see my friend’s bunny, and went to the Humane Society to look for a bunny. I posted this on my wishlist. But I never told Barbara that we wanted one, and I know she never reads my blog. Out of nowhere she mentions about someone who is giving away baby bunnies.

Today, we went to pick up 6-week old Smoky, our new pet, from Billie Joe, Barbara’s workout instructor. He/she (too young to determine the sex) is meant to be ours. (Technically she is Amy’s bunny.)

One Response to “New Addition”

  1. Julie Says:

    oh so cute! We have a guinea pig and are enjoying hanging out with the 4-H guinea pig and rabbit clubs. Someday we hope to get a baby guinea pig; the girls are already planning on it. A bunny would be fun too! Enjoy!