I always have high expectations that I’d get a lot of things done on Mondays. It’s my day off, I can clean the shower, clean the garage, clean the dresser, do some yard work..and I usually do none of those things…

Instead we go to Costco  to buy stuff instead of cleaning out stuff. When my husband goes to Costco by himself, he gets out with less than $50 of purchases. When we go together, it’s always over $100, he says it must be me that’s buying stuff. It’s true. I don’t like shopping but Costco is not really shopping, is it? It’s practical items, always useful or edible.

The weather was perfect after the rain, but other than walking in and out of Costco, I didn’t take advantage of the day. At the end of Mondays, I always feel I should’ve made better use of the day when it’s wide open to do whatever I want. Time is my life. Every minute that passes is getting me closer to death with less time to do the things I want to do…I’ve been thinking a lot like this since my birthday. A friend said we need to KonMari our time. Don’t do the things that are not important, focus on what is worth our time. Cleaning house is one of those things that’s not important.

I look forward to coming home everyday to read my Perspectives homework. There is such a satisfaction in finishing the reading for the week, and gaining so much insight about the Great Commission in ways I have not thought of. And I thought I knew the Great Commission.

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