I downloaded a free ebook titled “Pipeline-Creating and Curating a Recruiting Culture” by Todd Adkins (Lifeway).

The title of the book drew me in because it’s exactly what our church needs. As with all books I read, I always hope for an easy answer to a complex problem, same as when I google for a health remedy (omega 3 antioxidants will cure all my problems!) It’s no surprise when the book doesn’t give an easy solution. But I was not disappointed with this book because it does give good insights of what I would run up against when trying to curate a culture different than the current culture. There are some ideas I haven’t thought of or needed to be reminded of.

My takeaways:

  • leadership pipeline is a long-term investment in people, not delegate a task
  • people must multiply themselves at their current leadership level
  • there has to be core competencies and responsibilities for each level of the leadership pipeline ie all must be learners, be able to handle conflict, etc. in addition to role-based skills
  • there must be a training pathway for the person to develop
  • create an environment that builds biblical community during training

The book is a simple introduction with the intent of upselling you to a conference. I don’t mind that, that’s usually what free ebooks do. But it still gave helpful information.

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  1. Aaron Says:

    I’m going to download the ebook and read it! I’ve been reading “How To Get Unstuck” by Matt Perman and it has a lot of the same concepts. I’m going to write a review of that on my site, and I’m excited to see if we can apply any new ideas to our church.

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