In keeping with reading a book a month (small or big books count), I read A Practical Guide to Culture – Helping the Next Generation Navigate Today’s World, by John Stonestreet & Brett Kunkle.

The book breaks down the various issues of the day such as gender identity, addiction, racial tension. Then it explains the cultural lies, and why we should not buy into those lies.  It ends each chapter with ideas for parents to engage their children on this issue, additional resources, the hope of change, and discussion questions. I find many of the ideas for parents are very idealistic, such as “have a conversation with your child” – unfortunately many parents do not know how to engage their teens in conversation – when their teens don’t want to talk to them.

Part 4, the last part of the book on Christian worldview essentials was most helpful. The chapter titles are how to read the Bible, why to trust the Bible, the right kind of pluralism, taking the Gospel to the culture.

I recommend this book to parents and those who work with teens, as an overview.

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