My son has an ideal life right now. He is good at doing something that makes him good money. And he enjoys doing it. And he can do it anywhere in the world. And he will do just that.

He’ll be traveling. Where? Anywhere he wants. He has nothing that ties him down. He can work and make money wherever he is.

He isn’t just lucky. He earned it.

He says, “Some people don’t think school is important. They don’t put effort into it. But it does matter.” He qualifies that by adding that it’s not the grades, it’s the learning.

He learned things on his own initiative. He read, a lot. He went out and talked to people. He found people who were doing what he wanted to do. He made friends with like-minded people. He didn’t wait for them to find him. He was an excellent student and worked hard even in classes that he didn’t like. He liked teachers that other students didn’t like – the ones who were hard but taught well.

He didn’t goof off when he was in school. But now he gets to goof off all he wants, enjoying life and working at something he enjoys.

My son is quiet and unassuming. But he has plans and goals. You can’t tell from his exterior personality that he is adventurous and an entrepreneur.

All this is to say, not to brag about my son, but to say that there is a price to pay for what you want. Nothing is easy. Nothing is cheap. If you want it, go for it, work for it. It’s not about the money. It’s about the life you want to live.

I am learning this lesson too, as I am beginning a phase of my life.

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