Yesterday, someone engaged me in a discussion about gay marriage.

I searched for the right words to substantiate my views without coming across like a gay basher or intolerant bigot.

Throughout the discussion, I was thinking, “What would Greg Koukl say? How can I be a winsome ambassador for Christ like him?”

I didn’t think I carried the conversation too well when the gentleman first approached me. But later on he sought me out to talk again. I was more “Greg” the second time by asking questions.

This man was not looking for answers. His mind was made up and he was there to accuse Christians as “haters” of homosexuals.

But as Greg often says, we are not here to win arguments. But if we can place a bit of doubt into their position, that is sometimes all we can do.

So my last question to this man was, “Where do you think you will spend eternity?”

I pray that God will work in his life to bring a transformation.

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