A talking animal, a flying human, a house grows out of the ground – these I call miracles. Events that are impossible as defined by our experiences and by what we know of how the world works are definitely miracles.

Are there other types of miracles?

When the probability of something happening is so low that if it happens, wouldn’t they be miracles?

Getting an A on the final if you’ve never attended class or studied all semester, walking away with no injuries after a serious car crash, cured of cancer with no medical treatment – these things hypothetically could happen, but we wouldn’t expect it to happen. And when they do, it’s a miracle.

Do I see these happen? Yes. When business comes my way when I did not solicit it, when unexpected gift money comes in to pay a bill, when I am not totally depressed after a huge personal loss – those are miracles.

What about events that cannot be humanly engineered, and the origin is unknowable, don’t we call those miracles too? The power of the sun, the birth of a baby, the waves upon the sea – we might be able to dissect how they work, but we can never know how they came to be.

Everyday we see miracles of all kinds. Wouldn’t it be ridiculous to say you don’t believe in miracles?

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