I am behind in my goal of reading 14 books this year. You would think that staying at home would give me more time to read. But without a fixed schedule, I have not scheduled reading time. And when I sit down to read, I feel guilty. I should be reading something else more immediate ie reopening church.

So here is my April book is “Ten Questions To Diagnose Your Spiritual Health” by Donald Whitney.  I found this book at Goodwill for $1.99. Since I like Whitney’s writing, it’s not much of a risk to buy it at that price. Turns out to be a treasure.

Looking at the table of contents, the questions are fairly typical. But Whitney expands on the many layers of the subject. For example, a growing Christian should forgive quickly. Yes, easy to understand. But he explains the difference between forgiving and being ready to forgive and how that relates to Jesus’ command to forgive 70×7 times.

So often we assess our walk with God superficially – church attendance, spiritual disciplines, prayer life…and we are satisfied. And we are satisfied with pointing new believers in developing these habits. But we stop short of pursuing Christlikeness in many other heart issues.

There are other books on growing in maturity. But have 10 questions (though not exhaustive) makes it easy to digest. And makes it easy to do a study with others.

I would love to go through this book with a small group of 3-4 who want to grow in maturity, and be able to use this with new believers to grow in Christlikeness.

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