“Nancy, why are the Christmas decorations still up??” I was horrified!

Nancy immediately got on the phone to alert the appropriate people. Faithful volunteers are being mobilized to take down the decorations before Sunday. I hope it gets done.

Last Sunday I heard someone commented on why the decorations are still up past Christmas. But people expect them to be up through the end of the year, so it was ok. But it would be unforgivable if they were still there this Sunday!

It’s a different story at home. I like to keep decorations up as long as possible. It’s always a sad day when we take things down. I wait till the last day the city allows for trash pick up of trees. Unfortunately it’s this Monday, so we will take down the tree on Sunday. The living room will look bare. It will look sad.

I keep the Christmas cards up as long as possible until my hubby says it’s time. “It’s March, can I take down the cards now??” I reluctantly agree.


Awana highlight:

Becky: I haven’t changed a diaper for a long time!

Me: I haven’t either!

I took the challenge and changed the poopie diaper of a 2-year-old. No new technology in diaper changing.





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