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I think we officially decided I will go by Popo.

My daughter called my mom Popo. It sounds right that the title should be used by my granddaughter to now call me Popo.

Since it’s the last Friday of the month, we don’t have Awana, I have the evening free. We decided to visit baby Emi. I am hesitant to make that 1+ hour drive to WLA in the evening for just a couple of hours visit. And she’ll just be sleeping!

But my daughter reminded me that people commute that, and worst, everyday! I commute 3 miles, 8 minutes to work. I’m so glad not to live that LA commuter life. With that insight from my daughter, I will consider going out there more.

Actually I go there not so much for Emi as for my daughter. I want to support her as a first time mom. I warn her about postpartum depression and to keep connected with people. I want to be there for her. Emi just sleeps. I held her while she slept, which probably threw her off her cycle. That feeling of holding an infant just can’t be described.

Everything I know about God I learned from my kids. I imagine God holding me, loving me, even when I do nothing that would count as pleasing him. Infant children can do┬ánothing to incite feelings of love, yet I love them. I have to go through pain and literally give up my body for them, day and night, yet why am I not bitter about it? A parent’s love for their children is irrational. We love just because they belong to us. God’s love for us is irrational. He loves us because we belong to him.


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