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My son and DIL invited us to dim sum and Huntington Library, so we were more than happy to give up our usual Monday run to Costco.

I had a Huntington Library membership a couple of years ago, but decided to take a break from it after the year was over. We renewed it today and I’m glad. Whenever I go there, I feel relaxed. Maybe it’s the walking, maybe it’s better air quality with all the plants, maybe it’s the beauty of nature. Maybe it just seems to be another world there where I do not even think about all the stuff I have to do. All I do is marvel at God’s creative powers in the variety of plants. It’s like being on vacation.

Of course being with my kids always makes me happy. When I’m happy, I don’t feel stress or anxiety.

I made my husband tape his mouth shut last night…all because of google.

I google mouth breathing and read that it’s not harmless. In fact, it can affect your blood pressure, which is my husband’s problem that I’m concerned about. All the searches said to tape your mouth shut to stop this habit.

Lo and behold, he said he slept better last night. I hope his sleep will continue to improve and his blood pressure lowered. Thanks google search.

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