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When talking about adoption today, one of the boys took me by surprise and said, “I have a birth mom.” Later I asked him privately what he meant. He has a birth mom and a stepmom. Makes me love this kid more knowing what he has had to go through.

Yesterday I had lunch with a family whose dad has cancer. I can’t handle the sad things of life.

Maybe that’s why I felt off today – kind of tense, which gave me a headache. I didn’t have any more than the usual stuff today. I don’t know what God is teaching me through the anxiety I’ve been feeling. Am I suppose to just pray more? I am going to ask God to show me what this means, what is causing this, and what I should do about it. How can I relax more and keep that posture?

I want to try acupuncture. The idea scares me, but I do believe in it, so I am willing to do it now to see if that will help.

I thank God for my mother-in-law for being such a servant – washing dishes, helping where needed.


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