Last Sunday, I wanted to go to evening service at Grace Community Church, an hour away from my house. It would kill 3 birds with one stone – take my daughter back to school, watch the baptism of her friend, and enjoy a time of worship since I was not able to attend the service at my church.

As it turned out, we were half an hour late, because it started at 6:00pm and we thought it was at 6:30pm!

I missed the singing that I was looking forward to. I missed the baptism that I was looking forward to.

I only made it in time for the offering and the sermon.

I was frustrated! “I didn’t drive an hour to listen to a sermon that I could hear online!” “I wanted to enjoy the music led by an awesome band and professional worship leader!” “I missed the whole worship!”

As I sat there grumbling, God asked me, “Why do you attend worship service? Why do you want to witness the baptism? What is it to you?”

The answer should be what every good Sunday School student knows – Jesus.

But my attitude showed that Jesus was not the heart of my worship. I was treating worship as a church service – there is a big difference between the two.

I was there that night expecting to sit and be happy, to be emotionally moved, to “feel God’s presence”. I want to see the baptism because it’s fun. That’s a church service to meet my needs. Is that worship?

I treated worship service like an event, similar to going to a concert. I wanted to get there on time so I don’t miss the previews. I drove an hour and I wanted to get my money’s worth. Is that worship?

God could’ve easily prompted one of us to check the time on the website so we wouldn’t be late. But he allowed us to be late so I can face my wrong attitude.

I don’t want to attend church service anymore. I want to worship. I want to honor God. He deserves and demands more than a church service.

One Response to “What is worship service”

  1. Aaron Says:

    This is a great story and a great glimpse at how God uses small moments to teach us big things. I also appreciate how you said God could have prompted you, but he allowed you to be late. And of course, the heart is always what God looks at when we worship. Thanks for teaching me this!