On Sunday, I taught the concept of Lent to the children.

Lent is generally practiced among Catholics, but it doesn’t hurt if we Protestants practice some kind of giving up of something in preparation for Easter.

I explained to the children that whatever we sacrifice, it’s nothing compared to what Jesus did for us when he came to earth and died for us. But when we give up something that hurts us a little, it’s a way for us to think of Christ, and say to Jesus, “My little bit of pain reminds me of what you did for me. Thank you Jesus, for dying for me.”

I asked each child to think of something that they will give up.

C said he will give up broccoli… I told him he has to choose something else to give up.

A said she will give up snacks. After some clarification, she said her favorite are chips, and she will give that up. I am proud of her.

S said he will give up computer on the weekends….he’ll play Wii instead. I’ll accept that.

M said he will give up computer too. “But what about for homework?” He asked. I said it’s the spirit of the sacrifice that matters. He can use the computer for homework without going on other sites. “What about when my AIM automatically pops up?” You can disable it, buddy….anything else??

J didn’t tell me what he was giving up. I told he didn’t have to. It’s between him and God. He got the point when I explained Matthew 6:16 – do not tell everyone what you are doing in order to make yourself look holy.  J said, “Don’t be a show-off.”  He understood.

They all put their initials on the calendar to indicate their “fast”.

I am so proud of the kids. They know more than most adults.

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