At 86 years old, my dad is doing great. He lives by himself, he can drive (just renewed his license before his birthday with only 2 points off!), he can eat just about anything.

I am proud of his ability to keep up a bit with the technology world. He uses the computer to read the news, send email, check his stocks. Being able to learn to use the computer at his age is a tremendous feat.

He sacrificed much of his life in providing for his family. While we were not rich, I grew up in a nice house in a good area of town. I remember he bought me a brand new Subaru 2-door coupe when I was in college. I even got to pick the color maroon. He taught us to be careful with our money, yet be generous to others.

To be honest, I didn’t have a close relationship with my dad when I was young. He was busy with work, and was the strong and silent type of dad. I naturally gravitated towards my nurturing mom.

But now as an adult, I am appreciating him as a caring father, who continues to put himself out for his family. He even paid for his own birthday dinner that we had for him (at his favorite HopLi restaurant)!

The best part is, my children enjoys having a grandpa. Pictured above is my dad with my son Elliot.

God bless you, dad. While you continue to live a productive life on earth, I pray that you seriously prepare yourself for an even better life to come. Allow Jesus to come into your life, let him clear your conscience of the mistakes you’ve made in the past, and your remaining years on earth will be filled with a sense of joy that is beyond what you can imagine.

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  1. Julie Says:

    Happy Birthday Uncle 🙂