I’ve been working on my Adventures In Parenting website and learning more about how to increase online traffic.

There is so much material out there for SEO training. The hardest part is to incorporate what everyone tells you to do. A type of coaching system for us noobs would be nice. Especially for the technologically challenged, having a computer person who can do EVERYTHING right next to me would be really nice!

Better search engine rankings will help my site reach more audience. But I know there are so many sites out there about parenting and I rank really low in practically the non-existent realm. Some sites I’ve found to be very good.

However, I haven’t found any sites where a parent shares personal stories and give advice for raising kids with conservative values.

So my goal for my parenting site is to share my experiences – the good, bad and the ugly – and hope it will help parents raise good and decent kids in today’s world.

Please forward my site to parents you know who my find my site useful.

2 Responses to “Increase online traffic”

  1. Daniel Says:

    you can do it katy! don’t give up.

  2. Joyful Says:

    thanks for the confidence, Dan.