The sickness bug has been rough on us this year.

Even Mike caught a cold and cough a few weeks ago, and he NEVER gets sick.

We’ve been using up several bottles of cold and cough meds.

I’ve saved money by buying generic and store brand medications. Name brands such as Tylenol, Robitussin, and Triaminic costs twice as much as the generics. I read the labels carefully to make sure the active ingredients are the same in the generics. For example, Tylenol contains 160 mg of Acetaminophen, same as the Safeway “Children’s Non-Aspirin Suspension Liquid.” They probably could have named it better.

I have no hesitation in buying generic meds because if the active ingredients are the same, the effectiveness of the product is exactly the same. Why not buy the brand that cost less?

However, I do like to support the name brands if the difference in price is less than about $2. That’s because I appreciate the name brand company for spending a lot of money in R & D to come up with the formula that works. They literally save lives by investing money in the research. When their patent on the formula runs out, the generic companies merely manufactures the meds using the formula and makes money. They took no risk or effort to do the R & D.

The generic brands should be able to sell the products for a lot less and still make a lot of money. So the price difference should be big enough to make it worth my while.

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