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What a great day it was for the Walnut Family Festival! The day was nice and cool, no rain, just right to spend a day enjoying life in our community. In a small city of 30,000, there is not a whole lot to get excited about. So this annual affair complete with a parade, games, live bands, booths, and food was a big deal. It’s a good time to corner your City Council members to make sure they hear your side on the issues.

There was an important lesson that was learned today at the fair.

Amy elatedly related to me her experience at the Staples booth. When the lady at the booth gave her a free folder, my daughter politely replied, “Thank you.” The lady handed her another folder and said, “Wow, you’re the only one who said ‘Thank you’! I’ll give you another folder.”

I can’t believe everyone else took a free gift without saying ‘thank you’? What has our society come to?

I always try to make a point of thanking the bagger at the market, the crossing guard at the school, the gardener, etc. A kind word should be expressed even to those who are paid to do the job. It doesn’t cost you any extra to say ‘please’ and ‘thank you’, does it?

Amy received a reward for merely expressing a common courtesy.

You can figure out the moral of the story.

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