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(Posted on March 12)

I’ve got another wreath under my belt. This is my third. It all started at Christmas when my DIL asked if I wanted to make a Christmas wreath with her. She bought all the material. We got cuttings from our Christmas tree, watched a few youtube tutorials, and made our first fresh wreath.

This wreath I made today is from cuttings of lavender from my friend Denise’s yard. But I needed more filler, so I cut some branches from our neighbor’s tree that hung over our wall. The thing about wreaths that I like is that it doesn’t have to be perfect. It looks nice no matter what, even if it’s a bit uneven. And I like bringing in a bit of the outdoors. A friend commented that I have a lot of plants. I never thought of it that way. My plants are not all nicely displayed. I just pot them and put them on the table. I’ll have to work on display. But I’m too cheap to buy nice pots.

The only problem with wreath making is, I have to forage for more material. I usually take a bit off a plant that I like and see how long it lasts. There are some nice green stuff at church, but they wilt within a day. The foliage have to look decent for at least 3-4 days.

My daughter left for Florida for the Ligonier conference tonight – midnight flight. I am proud of her and grateful to God for giving her a strong desire to know God. I love Bible conferences too, so perhaps she takes after me. But now with everything online, I can still hear the messages, though it’s not the same. But too much knowledge is dangerous.

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