George Muller is one of my heroes. Whenever I need inspiration to pray and have faith, I read his biography.

I happen to spot this biography in the church library, and again, I am inspired by Muller’s life and faith.

While we don’t put ourselves in situations where we need to pray for daily provisions (which may or may not be a good thing), there are many areas in our lives where we should be praying desperately, as desperate as if we have no food in the pantry to feed 1000 hungry orphans.

Muller outlined 4 conditions for successful prayer.

1. Our petitions must be according to God’s will.

2. We must not ask on account of our own goodness or merit, but “in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ”.

3. We must exercise faith in the power and willingness of God to answer our prayers.

4. We have to continue patiently waiting on God till the blessing we seek is granted. “We might as well say there is no need to tell Him once, for He knows beforehand what our need is. He wants us to prove that we have confidence in Him, that we take our place as creatures towards the Creator. ”

I am also inspired how he loved his wife of 40 years. “Every year our happiness increased more and more. I never saw my beloved wife at any time, when I met her unexpectedly anywhere in Bristol, without being delighted to do so.” I believe she was 7 years his senior. After her passing, he remarried a woman about 20 years younger, and traveled with her preaching around the world. He outlived her by a few years. He never retired but served the Lord until the day he died at 93.

I often say I don’t want to live that long, and I don’t want to remarry if my husband dies, but if the Lord wills that He provides another husband and if I can serve him until the day I die, then I’ll be ok with following the example of George Muller.

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