People say, Let’s talk over a cup of coffee. But I don’t drink coffee.

Or they say, Let’s do lunch. But I don’t want to spend money eating out (unless they’re treating).

How about getting together to walk and talk?

In addition to being a healthier alternative, which is already a good enough reason, here are more advantages:

1. You don’t have to awkwardly stare at each other across the table.

2. It’s easier to talk about personal, potentially embarrassing subjects because you don’t have to look at each other.

3. Silences are not awkward because you are actively walking, doing something.

4. You can always make legitimate comments about the weather or the landscape if you run out of things to talk about (though I’ve never had that problem.)

5. You are committed to walk all the way back to the car, so you might as well talk about everything you can think of.

6. The energy you get from walking and being outdoors adds energy to your conversation.

7. There is little chance of being distracted by seeing someone you know like you would at Starbucks.

8. You can laugh loud or jump up and down with excitement; there is no one around (assuming you are not walking on crowded city streets.)

9. No awkwardness of when to leave. You naturally say good bye when you’re back to the car.

10. It’s an efficient use of time, killing several birds with one stone.

I had a nice walk and talk today with a friend 🙂

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