I was looking for what I would need to make soap. I searched on Shopwiki and found it to be pretty helpful. Not only does it search for the material for soap making, but it also gives some basic instructions. If you are looking to do a project and need to shop for all the components, Shopwiki simplifies the process.

If you are shopping for say, a stroller, Shopwiki shows you the types of strollers available, and the features of each kind, plus places where you can buy them. Of course it’ll try to sell you related products by giving you suggestions for diaper bags, baby carseats, etc. I think that is helpful when shopping for gifts. You might end up deciding to buy your friend a useful booster seat that you wouldn’t otherwise had thought of buying.

Traditional shopping sites will only show you stores that have PAID for placement, and ShopWiki will give you everything. That makes searching much easier.

Disclosure: I was paid to write this review.

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