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I was too ambitious. I stacked a lot of meetings today. Forgot to go to one of them. Postponed the last one.

Today was promotion Sunday, so lots of questions of where kids go, one child with special needs had a melt-down.

While these situations may or may not demand my personal attention, I feel responsible for all of them. So I felt distracted and forget things.

I was suppose to give an brief orientation to 2 young adults helping with Mandarin translation. I totally forgot. But it was fine, the other teachers handled it.

The good thing is, I attended to couple of first time visitors. One just moved from Fresno to Chino Hills. One from China who just came to US after 2 years in the Philippines.

Awana meeting, then literally ran down to meet up with missionaries, took them to attend Mission Board meeting to update their ministry. They are our partners for our Taiwan STM, in town today. It was great that the rest of the team got to meet them. I ate my lunch at 2pm during the MB meeting. I noticed Gabe was eating too.

I planned on our team doing a prayer walk after this, but everyone was tired, and it was hot…so we will postpone to next week.

All is well. The world doesn’t fall apart when things don’t go exactly right. PTL!

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