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When you’re young, the best thing about Disneyland are the rides.

At my age, the best thing about Disneyland is spending time with the people you go with.

And some of the rides.

I enjoyed almost 14 hours at Disneyland with my 2 daughters and SIL. We walked (clocked in over 24,000 steps!), talked, took in all the sights and sounds of the magic. The one thing that I had to do was watch Frozen, and it did not disappoint. I miss Aladdin though because it’s a better story than Frozen. But Frozen was very well done.

We stayed for fireworks so it was a long day. I didn’t know if I would last that long. I’ve been having pains in my leg and was afraid it would bother me. But thank God I was fine. God is so good, reassuring me with this that I’ll be ok going to Taiwan STM.

There’s nothing better than spending a big chunk of time together with people you love. There’s no better way to go deep. It could be anywhere, but Disneyland is not a bad place to go to spend that chunk of time.

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