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Another encouraging Sunday: taught in Children Worship. Before I started to speak, one of the girls asked me, “How was your week, Auntie Katy?” So cute. Delivering the message in Children Worship is probably one of my favorite things. I now know how a pastor feels preaching to his congregation.

Was encouraged talking to Andrea about Good News Club. Her and her husband’s obedience to God’s call to serve is affirmation to me that God’s will done in God’s way is never short of God’s supply. I will seriously pray about Good News Club at Ybarra.

Got a quick lunch with my family – wow that’s a first! I usually never see them on Sunday at church. I’m usually busy in a meeting or catching up with people.

Post Perspectives dinner – ramen. I haven’t had that for a long time because I cut out wheat from my diet. But for the fellowship I went. I gave most of my noodles to one of the guys. Got to talk to our speaker, which was a big blessing.


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