Our church challenged everyone in our congregation to read through the Bible in a year. A schedule is published for us, and if we follow it daily, we would have read the entire Bible from Genesis to Revelation in a year.

The streak of rebelliousness in me doesn’t like to be told what to do. I especially do not conform to a set program. And beside, I already have my own Bible reading program I am following.

Surprisingly, that was EXACTLY what our chairman of the church Board said on Sunday. But he made the point that reading through the Bible is a basic essential that no one can really argue about. Of course I am not opposed to the concept, but the reason I did not want to participate was out of principle. What principle is that? I admit, not doing something merely because someone told me to is not really a reasonable principle to live by. Tim, the chairman also said our participation may encourage someone else in the congregation to do it. I was only thinking of myself, not of others. Perhaps I can encourage my children to participate. They haven’t read through the entire Bible, and it’s been a while since my husband has.

I may be rebellious, but I am not stubborn.

Last night, everyone in my family sat down at the diningroom table and read the assigned reading for the day – three chapters in Exodus and half a chapter in Matthew.

Lo and behold, it was so exciting! We shared our insights and questions. Our discussion was quite stimulating.

God does not disappoint when you do something for Him, and when you are even just a little willing to read His Word.

If you are looking for a good Bible reading plan, this Discipleship Journal Bible Reading Plan is a good one to follow.

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