I like to read biographies written for children.

When we go to the library, I look in the J92 section – Juvenile biographies. The easy reading gives me a quick glance at famous characters. Amy and I read them together and often get inspired by what people have been able to accomplished. The biography of Laura Ingalls Wilder was one I read and blogged about previously.

Today, I read about Frederic Chopin, written and illustrated by Mike Venezia. Did you know this famous composer was Polish? Almost all his compositions were written for the piano. He was born in 1810. At age 8, he already had some of his pieces published and had given a public concert.  He had a 10-year romance with a woman named George Sands, who sometimes dressed in men’s clothes and smoked cigars. Rather strange in those days. It was during these years that Chopin composed most of his greatest works. After he and Sands broke up, his health declined. He died quietly in Paris in 1849 at age 39. The compositions of Chopin is known to be some of the most original, sensitive and beautiful music.

How nice it is have an artistic talent like that. No one is our family is a natural musician. Nor is it something we had the interest to intentionally develop. My children never practiced that hard when they were taking piano lessons. But it is not something we regret.

I’ve always wanted to know how to play the piano. I like to say that when the kids are all out of the house, I will take piano lessons. Now I am not sure if I actually will.

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